Tofino: XI

The journey home.  Games were played, heads were rested, stops were made to explore the amazing Cathedral Grove, and for ice-cream.  And the best part about holidays on the island is that the holiday still ends on a high note.  The ferry.  It was an evening journey home, enjoying the sunset, a pod of orcas swimming by really close, and a full moon rising over the city.blog_2016_08_tofino-81 blog_2016_08_tofino-82 blog_2016_08_tofino-83 blog_2016_08_tofino-84

Tofino: X

Here is a bit of our last day.  We enjoyed each moment.  Took it all in.  Tried to do everything one more time.  Not a moment wasted.
blog_2016_08_tofino-68  Bubbles in the early fogblog_2016_08_tofino-69Then into the water for some boogie boarding and skim boarding.
blog_2016_08_tofino-70 blog_2016_08_tofino-71 blog_2016_08_tofino-72 blog_2016_08_tofino-73 blog_2016_08_tofino-74 Fort building amongst the driftwood was discovered.blog_2016_08_tofino-75 blog_2016_08_tofino-76 I wish you could hear them singing their “working together” song here.blog_2016_08_tofino-77 blog_2016_08_tofino-78 It was hard to tear us off that beach that last day.  Every minute we could enjoy, we did!blog_2016_08_tofino-79 blog_2016_08_tofino-80

Tofino: VIII

The perks of camping:  Sometimes, when the reading of books and drawing is no longer quiet enough for the non-existent walls between bedrooms, they may get a phone passed off to them.  A tradition we take part in as we prepare to go camping is a trip down the cereal aisle.   The kids each get to pick a box of sugary, sprinkly, artificially delicious camping cereal.  Each morning, they hop out of the RV with a cereal box tucked under their arm, a stack of disposable bowls and spoons, and grasping a jug of milk, to start the day off right, obviously.  This completely fuels them …….. all the way, until the real breakfast! ha.  blog_2016_08_tofino-50 There is no need to rush.  No agenda.  Time to sit around … in a tree, if that’s your style, or while engaged in the art of finger knitting.

blog_2016_08_tofino-51 Quiet mornings, when the fog lays low on the beach, are quite breathtaking.  blog_2016_08_tofino-54 blog_2016_08_tofino-53 blog_2016_08_tofino-55Just watching as the tide is coming in, with a bit more gusto on this morning.blog_2016_08_tofino-56 blog_2016_08_tofino-57 blog_2016_08_tofino-58 blog_2016_08_tofino-59 blog_2016_08_tofino-60 blog_2016_08_tofino-61 And see!  Proof I went camping too, with all these people I love.blog_2016_08_tofino-62

Tofino: VII

blog_2016_08_tofino-46It’s true.  It really was this calm.  The sound of the thundering waves, the feel of the wind coming off the ocean, and SO much space … has a way of doing that.  Blissful.
blog_2016_08_tofino-47 blog_2016_08_tofino-45 blog_2016_08_tofino-48 blog_2016_08_tofino-49

Tofino: VI

This hunk of rock provided some very valuable shelter from the blustery wind.  It kinda became “our spot” over the week.  It had something to offer for everyone:  tide pools, explorations, climbing opportunities, easy beach access, sand and (most importantly, for some) warmth.

blog_2016_08_tofino-35 blog_2016_08_tofino-36blog_2016_08_tofino-37blog_2016_08_tofino-41blog_2016_08_tofino-42 Grampa went out to buy some skim boards, and the skills were quickly mastered.
blog_2016_08_tofino-39 blog_2016_08_tofino-40blog_2016_08_tofino-43

Tofino: V

A holiday just isn’t complete without the massage train.

This was the day we went to a different campground, and some people are quicker at packing up all their crap than others.  So, they got to enjoy a very luxurious massage from the wee gang!blog_2016_08_tofino-30

On this day we made a stop at a local food truck that’s parked out back, in a hard to find spot, with some of the most delicious and mouth watering tacos.  Tacofino.  A must visit, if you get the chance!  Motorhomes were driven down the road, about 10 minutes, to their new spot, and then the big and small suited up to hike down to Long Beach.

Awe-struck.  Amazing!


The winds blew.  The rocks were warm.blog_2016_08_tofino-32 blog_2016_08_tofino-33 blog_2016_08_tofino-34

Tofino: IV

The wonderfully warm sunshine, soft sand, continuous waves, beloved cousins, grandparents and wide open spaces … from dawn until dusk … are what perfect holidays are made of!blog_2016_08_tofino-23

Images like this will remind me one day, when maybe he’s not so loud anymore, that he was oh so loud with something to say all the time!
blog_2016_08_tofino-24 blog_2016_08_tofino-22 blog_2016_08_tofino-25 blog_2016_08_tofino-26 blog_2016_08_tofino-27 blog_2016_08_tofino-28 blog_2016_08_tofino-29

Tofino: III

blog_2016_08_tofino-10after a day of playing, rowing, snacking, swimming, digging, and running a proper refuel was required at the end of the day.  There were many wonderful meals shared, as it should be when camping.  And somehow even a simple roasting of hotdogs tastes that much better here;  on a sandy surface, listening to the waves crashing, with special people, and with the fancy food basket. blog_2016_08_tofino-16blog_2016_08_tofino-18

blog_2016_08_tofino-17blog_2016_08_tofino-19 blog_2016_08_tofino-20blog_2016_08_tofino-21

Tofino: II


The rain did not manage to put a damper on us being able to fully enjoy our day.   A warm layer of clothing, rubber boots, and we were ready to take on what the coast had to offer us that day.  Every time we walked along the ocean’s edge we’d discover and see something new and different.  blog_2016_08_tofino-85 blog_2016_08_tofino-12 blog_2016_08_tofino-11 blog_2016_08_tofino-13This is where Barnacle Bob made his first intrusion on our holiday, i believe … oh, he wasn’t going anywhere for the next 10 days. ha!blog_2016_08_tofino-14 blog_2016_08_tofino-15