October Camping

oh, October, the camping days were unbelievable!  it’s one of the places every little one of ours is the happiest.  outside.  tent family sleepovers.  fires.  family.  explorations.  all day.  i could do it every month.  OCTOBER_GRIDcamping


how could this session not have gone beautifully?!  three incredibly lovely girls … inside and out … right along with their amazing parents.  i was so glad to have had the opportunity to travel to them (a couple of months ago), even in their incredibly cold and white world ;), to be able to capture a couple of their early days with their precious new little Jade.newborn_JADE-1 copy newborn_JADE-3 copy newborn_JADE-5 copy newborn_JADE-2 copy newborn_JADE-6 copy newborn_JADE-7 copy newborn_JADE-8 copy newborn_JADE-11 copy newborn_JADE-10 copy newborn_JADE-12 copy newborn_JADE-13 copy newborn_JADE-14 copy newborn_JADE-15 copy newborn_JADE-17 copy newborn_JADE-16 copy newborn_JADE-18 copy

Maleena : NEWBORN

NEWBORN_Maleena-9 copythis little babe has been in our prayers before she was in the arms of her family.  she’s a pretty special little girl, and such a precious gift.  and on this day i think particularly of her mommy, my friend, and her strength to lean on God, and trust in the Lord with all her heart.  being a mom is not always “happy”, n0t always easy, but we’re still ALWAYS a momma to the treasures entrusted to us.  Maleena is sure a blessed little one to have an amazing mom like you, Shari!NEWBORN_Maleena-4 copy NEWBORN_Maleena-7 copy NEWBORN_Maleena-11 copy NEWBORN_Maleena-12 copy NEWBORN_Maleena-8square copy NEWBORN_Maleena-10 copy NEWBORN_Maleena-1 copyNEWBORN_Maleena-6 copyNEWBORN_Maleena-5 copyit was a such a honor to have the opportunity to take these pictures for this wonderful family!  they were staying at the Ronald McDonald House, which gave me an inside look at how this organization serves families from all over the country, by allowing them to stay together.  thank you for entrusting me to capture these memories for you!

Happy Mother’s Day!


littlest baby sister : NEWBORN

another lovely addition to this family!  this sweet new baby has found her way into each one of their arms and hearts.  it’s interesting photographing all four siblings as newborns … by the time i was editing baby G’s images, the nose, lips and other features looked like ones i already knew.GABI_newborn-2 GABI_newborn-3 GABI_newborn-4GABI_newborn-6 GABI_newborn-5 GABI_newborn-1

fearfully and wonderfully made!

Denver : NEWBORN

this boy was purely sweet. he arrived really really REALLY close to Christmas … just such a chill little sweetheart.  it was so nice to spend the morning cuddling this little one.blog_Denver_newborn-2 blog_Denver_newborn-1 blog_Denver_newborn-3 blog_Denver_newborn-4 blog_Denver_newborn-5 blog_Denver_newborn-6 blog_Denver_newborn-7 blog_Denver_newborn-8 blog_Denver_newborn-9 blog_Denver_newborn-10i loved every second there … even the extra time looking for the lost keys (in my pocket?!)  thank you, Ashley and Brandon.